"I'm just getting started. What do I need to do?"

This package is designed to help you set the groundwork to be intentional about your spending. Are you wondering where your money goes every month? Or why you can’t seem to save more?

You need help with establishing the framework, including things like setting hard goals and sticking to them or establishing an emergency fund.

Over the next couple of months I’ll help you take charge of your situation so that no matter how much you earn right now, you’ve got a handle on what needs to happen to ensure a strong financial future.

  • One-on-one coaching
  • 4 1-hour meeting
  • 4 30-min meetings
  • Accountability
  • Email support
  • Access to Worth Winning’s Online Budgeting Tool

The Get Organized package is for those who are unapologetically committed to getting their finances together.

This is a startling fact: According to Forbes, 63% of Americans don’t have enough in savings to cover a surprise $500 expense. 63%!! This package will help you develop a plan to get out of that group.

If you don’t feel you generate enough to save at least 10% of your income, I can help you set things straight. Let’s create a timeline with actionable steps and small benchmarks along the way.

Worth Winning will help you:

  • Become an ambitious budgeter. Motivation comes from seeing small changes that can make big differences. Success stems from motivation.
  • Develop short and long-term goals and figure out how to meet them.
  • Conquer that feeling of being overwhelmed by debt. Even if that light at the end of the tunnel is a few years away, just knowing you’re heading in the right direction will help you rest easier.
  • Build a roadmap to point out negative gaps in your finances and spending habits.
  • Develop and - here’s the kicker - actually stick to a savings plan.

Where do you want to be in three years? Debt free? Traveling the world? Or perhaps you’re focused on building a six-figure net worth by age 30. Let’s come up with a timeline to help you reach your milestone.

Who is this for? Those needing a basic financial strategy and assistance with developing goals.
How much does it cost? $750.

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