"I'm just getting started. What do I need to do?"

This package designed for Individuals or families who want to build a long-term relationship with a financial planner to create a detailed personalized plan.

Interested in proactively planning for a prosperous financial future?
Are you generating enough income to pursue multiple financial goals at the same time?
Want to figure out how to leave your job and go full-time toward entrepreneurship?
Ready to look at your long and short-term goals and create a plan to achieve them?
Eager to understand the big picture?

We will spend time understating your situation. Then, we will use tech to build your Financial Game Plan and optimize your experience. We will cover things like:

  • Tax efficiency. Let’s not pay Uncle Sam more than he is owed.
  • Protection. You have insurance on your iPhone but not on your life? We can fix that.
  • Legacy. What happens to my stuff if something happens to me? With proper documents in place this will be taken care of in case something happens.
  • Retirement. How much do I need in order to stop working tomorrow? Ok well, how about in 15 years then? We can find the number that is the appropriate goal for you.
  • Investing. A diverse portfolio is a happy portfolio. Let’s build yours up. · Student loans and other debt are on their way to being eliminated.
  • Education planning. Don’t want your children bogged down by student loans?

Why do I need ongoing help?

Because life happens! And when it does, you need to be in a position to pivot instead of react when things don’t go quite as planned.

How much does it cost?

Chart $0-$66,999 $875 upfront and $125 a month $67,000-$133,999 $1175 upfront and $175 a month $134,000- $199,999 $1475 upfront and $225 a month $200,000- $499,999 annual retainer of $4,000 paid quarterly $500,000 + %1 of annual income

Still not sold on what “the ultimate game plan” covers?

Well, how about this:

  • Cash Flow Conversations. How do your fixed expenses compare to your savings and spending? Do we need to shift the proportions around to give you a better chance at reaching your goals?
  • Income Planning. What does your career track look like? Do you make enough to support your goals?
  • Tax Planning. You’ll learn how to keep more of what you earn and minimize necessary taxes.
  • Employee Benefits. Understand the best strategy for saving via your employer options, and know which investment options you should choose.
  • Debt Management. How quickly can you reach the point of being called “debt-free”? I’ll show you how to prioritize your various debts based on interest, balance, and other factors.
  • Investment. Should I be investing now? How much? And in what?
  • Retirement. Let’s see how much you need to save in order to stop working and still live the life you want, without stressing about your bank account.
  • Education. Want to send your kids to school without student loans? Is it doable to send them to an expensive private school, what about homeschooling? We’ll cover the various costs involved in each.
  • Risk Management and Estate Planning. Are YOU and your belongings protected in the event of a catastrophe? Stuff happens. We’ll get you prepared in the event of an emergency, or worse if you kick the bucket.

After we set everything up, this is what you’ll receive on an ongoing basis:

  • Assistance and guidance implementing the plan we have developed
  • A quarterly check-in
  • Access to our online portal for financial planning and management
  • I’ll work with you to update, monitor, and modify all aspects of your financial plan as needed
  • I’ll even be an advocate on the phone with you when necessary
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