Give Your Employees the First Step to a Financial Future They’ll Thank You For

To be frank, when it comes to your employees and their personal finances, your company should be doing a lot more to help.

Sure, they get the sales pitch and spiel from the financial guy who comes in every so often to talk about why they should invest their money with him, but that's it.

They don't know whether or not they should be maxing out their 401(k) contributions or if they can even afford to and they're unclear on how the employer/employee match works if they are or aren't maxing out those contributions.

They also have questions like:

  • ​Will I have enough to retire in 25-30 years?
  • ​Why is my student loan debt not going down even though I've never missed a payment?
  • ​How do my company stock options work?
  • ​What's the best way to invest for my kids' future?

And truth be told, the financial guy who stops in every so often, isn't interested in answering these questions or teaching them these things.

Luckily, there's someone who is.

I am a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, author, podcaster, motivational speaker and 4x Olympian.

And I'm committed to giving people the financial education they need because I've been in their shoes. As a professional athlete, I struggled to find a financial advisor who would help me understand my finances. They were only interested in investing my money not planning, and because of that, financial mistakes were made.

I believe in educating people about personal finance first—find out where you and figure out where you want to be. Once you know those two things, then we can talk about different financial strategies and options available and create a customized financial plan.

Customized Corporate Wellness

To find out more on how I can help your employees get on top of their personal finances, ease any money stress they're feeling and develop a financial plan that's tailored to their situation and goals, book a call.

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