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Monday, May 08, 2023

Best Black Female Financial Planners

Lauryn Williams

As a black female financial planner, I know that I'm a bit of a unicorn. Within the industry, only 23% of Certified Financial Planners are women, and a mere 3.5% are people of color. That means finding a planner that fits both groups is rare. When the diversity of the financial industry matches the diversity of the country, more people get help with their personal finances and everyone wins.

Worth Winning’s financial planning services

Worth Winning has transitioned over the years from a full-service virtual financial planning company to a financial education company. It’s my goal to empower young money makers with the financial literacy they need to reach the financial future of their dreams.
I don’t believe financial planning needs to be boring and restrictive. So, I’m providing FUNancial Welcome to Wealth events to help you create a financial plan, including:

  • ​Financial retreats- During the summer of 2023, Welcome to Wealth retreats is headed to Colombiaand Bali! You can create a financial plan while enjoying the local culture. It’s where finance meets travel and fun.
  • Online program - Welcome to Wealth online program is 12 weeks of live, virtual financial coaching classes to help you create a personalized plan for your money.
  • Financial bootcamps- During Welcome to Wealth bootcamps, I condense the information shared at a retreat to a 3-day weekend for a small group. You can even get together with friends to schedule your own bootcamp locally or in your chosen destination.

I also offer financial coaching calls to get your questions answered or a complete financial roadmap for people looking for one-on-one financial planning services.

But I'm not the right fit for everyone

As a 4x Olympian, competition has been a dominant character trait in my life. In financial planning, I have found it more advantageous to view my peers as teammates rather than competitors. We’re all working towards a common goal — helping people with their finances — but we’re not all doing it in the same way.

While I want to help EVERYONE, I might not be the best financial planner for you. While all CFPs ® are well-versed in personal finances, we have different target markets and expertise. When someone doesn't fit well with me, I don't want to send them away empty-handed.

If you're looking for help with your finances and I'm not the fit for you, below is a list of black female planners I highly recommend. I know these ladies well, and we chat regularly about how to best serve our clients and how to bring more women into the industry.

1. Pam Capalad of Brunch and Budget

If you need to change your relationship with money, I encourage you to check out Pam's company Brunch and Budget.

Website: https://brunchandbudget.com/

2. Kaya Ladejobi of Earn into Wealth

Based out of New York, Kaya works with high-income earners in their 30s and 40s looking to maximize their financial potential.

Website: https://earnintowealth.com/

3. Chloe Moore of Financial Staples

If you're a woman in the tech field, this is one of Chloe's specialties. Based out of Georgia, she's also experienced in helping people navigate finances as they go through life transitions.

Website: http://www.financialstaples.com/

4. Anjali Jariwala of Fit Advisors

Anjali knows that business owners and physicians are busy and need a financial plan that can fit their needs quickly. And, she's not just a CFP® , she's also a Certified Public Accountant.

Website: https://fitadvisors.com/

5. Angela Moore of Modern Money Advisor

If you're just getting started in figuring out personal finance, a new grad, or are interested in purchasing a home, Angela has some great options to consider.

Website: https://www.modernmoney.education/

6. Rianka Dorsainvila and Lazaetta Brazton of 2050 Wealth Builders

Together Rianka and Lazaetta provide insight and assistance for first-generation wealth builders, those transitioning from employee to entrepreneur and Sandwich Generation wealth protectors.

Website: https://www.2050wealthpartners.com/

How do you know who to work with?

Money is personal. I get that. And I know it is hard to know who you should trust with all the details of your financial situation. Especially because some of us were taught from a young age that money isn't something that should be talked about.

While that advice may have come from well-meaning family members, it is flawed. It's important to talk about your money so you can make sure you are using it in the most efficient manner possible.
So, how do you know which financial planner you should work with?

I've created a free resource you can use that shares what questions you should ask when deciding what financial planner to work with: Questions to Ask Your Potential Financial Professional

Resources for those that can't afford financial planning

If you're interested in getting your finances in order but aren’t sure you can afford a financial planner right now, there are plenty of places to get financial knowledge. A few good options I recommend include:

I also have an online financial planning course that can help get you on the right path. You can sign up for FREE herewith coupon code FREECOURSE!

And if you think I might be the right planner for you, explore Worth Winning's services here.

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