Pro Players Beware: Ballin' is Expensive

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Worth Knowing/Pro Players Beware: Ballin' is Expensive

Originally Released: December 31, 2017

Clinton Portis Learns from His Money Mistakes


We kick the show off with one of the best NFL running backs to ever play the game, Clinton Portis. You have probably heard his name in the news frequently for being great football player or for fun personalities that kept the sport fans entertained while playing for the Washington Redskins. More recently the news has been surrounding the trouble he has had with money. Reporters tell the story from their point of view but I believe no one is more qualified to tell your story than than you. The purpose of this show is to encourage the world to start having the the right conversations about money. The kind that allow others to learn from our mistakes. The kind that is open, honest and inspires education thru conversation.

In this episode Clinton Speaks candidly, about the circumstances that lead to some of the mistakes he made. He shares with us words of caution and words of wisdom.

One of the shows motto’s is “You don't have to get it all right, to be allright.” You will see despite his mistakes Clinton is doing just fine.

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