Investing Part 2: Types of Investment Accounts, With Lauryn Williams and Chloé Moore

Friday, June 04, 2021

Worth Knowing/Know Better. Do Better./Investing Part 2: Types of Investment Accounts, With Lauryn Williams and Chloé Moore

Investing Part 2: Types of Investment Accounts, With Lauryn Williams and Chloé Moore


This is the “Know Better, Do Better” series born from the countless conversations two CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals, Lauryn Williams and Chloé Moore, have about the trendy narratives and clickbaity articles that make it hard for them to help their clients. They want to help you gain financial confidence and clarity to control your destiny.

In this episode of the series, Lauryn and Chloé continue the Investments for Beginners series by explaining the different types of investment accounts. A lot of people end up following the investment trends which can cause them to miss some important steps in preparing for their financial future.

They explain with detail some of the main types of investment accounts and how to know which one you should be investing in. If you’re new to investing or have been investing and aren’t sure you really know what you’re doing, this is a great place to start..

In this episode, we discuss:

  • The three major categories of investment accounts
  • ​The importance of understanding how you’ll be taxed to avoid a potential nightmare at tax time
  • ​The difference between taxable, tax deferred, and tax free
  • ​Understanding the pros and cons of pre tax vs post tax investments
  • ​Why you want to have a diverse portfolio
  • ​The importance of understanding the right way to do rollovers
  • ​How to prioritize between savings, paying off debt, and investing
  • ​What percentage of your income you should be saving
  • ​The importance of determining what makes the most sense for you instead of following along with everyone else
  • ​Getting rich slowly

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