Millionaire Series: The Two Rules of Building Wealth, With Jeremy Schneider

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Worth Knowing/Millionaire Series/Millionaire Series: The Two Rules of Building Wealth, With Jeremy Schneider

Millionaire Series: The Two Rules of Building Wealth, With Jeremy Schneider


We’re excited to continue the Worth Listening Millionaire Series with another inspiring story. Worth Listening host and Certified Financial Planner Lauryn Wiliams, has been interviewing millionaires on the podcast so we can hear their money memoirs and what they did to reach that coveted millionaire status.

Today on the podcast, Jeremy Schneider of the Personal Finance Club is here to share his money memoir with us. Jeremy is a successful entrepreneur and personal finance expert. After starting an internet company in college and selling it at the age of 34 for over $5M, he retired at 36.

Since then, Jeremy has dedicated his life to teaching personal finance. He founded Personal Finance Club, a community of champions of the individual investor who help further financial education.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • The importance of having awareness around student loan debt
  • ​How lifestyle creep can ruin people’s finances
  • What the rollercoaster of entrepreneurship looked like as he built his business
  • ​The persistence it takes to succeed at running and growing a business
  • ​How much he actually lived off of when his company’s revenue hit a million dollars
  • ​Why he was driving a 16-year-old vehicle when he sold his company and became a millionaire
  • ​The different methods of business valuation when selling a company
  • ​Why it all starts with spending less than you earn and investing early and often
  • ​Why there are no shortcuts
  • ​Financial failures and that everyone makes them
  • ​Why he has a “boring” portfolio and the strategy he used for investing his money
  • ​What motivates him to share his millionaire story with others

You can learn more about Jeremy and Personal Finance Club at or on social media at:
Instagram: @personalfinanceclub
TikTok @personalfinanceclub
YouTube Personal Finance Club

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