Work-Optional By 40 Years Old, With Walli Miller

Tuesday, April 12, 2022

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Work-Optional By 40 Years Old, With Walli Miller


We’re excited to be continuing the Worth Listening Millionaire Series! Over the next couple of months, Worth Listening host and Certified Financial Planner Lauryn Wiliams, will be interviewing millionaires on the podcast so we can hear their money memoirs and what they did to reach that coveted millionaire status.

Today on the podcast is Walli Miller. Walli is the founder of Financially Thriving where she works as a money coach to help other women experience the same financial transformation in their lives that she experienced in her own life.

Walli is a first-generation college graduate and daughter of an immigrant who spent her 20s spending every dollar she earned while saving very little. She thought she was doing well because she kept her bills paid and didn’t have credit card debt. But she had two AHA moments that turned her finances around. Now she has a millionaire dollar portfolio and is on the way to being work-optional by the age of 40!

In this episode, we discuss:

  • ​How the financial situation she grew up in caused a money mindset that led to her spending everything she made after paying the bills in her 20s
  • The AHA moment she experienced when looking at her social security earnings statement
  • ​What happened at work that helped her realize she didn’t have financial freedom
  • ​The sacrifices she made in college and housing throughout the years that helped her get to where she is now
  • ​How lifestyle creep steals your money and ability to build wealth
  • ​The importance of understanding your financial numbers
  • ​The balance of reducing expenses and bringing in more income
  • ​How she and her husband saved 45% of their income while living in NYC
  • ​Her principle of “Cut the FATT”
  • ​What Financial Independence really means
  • ​Why you need to do the math instead of just aiming for $1 million
  • ​How she overcomes the “wealth guilt” she experiences from outearning her family members

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