A Journey to Financial Fortitude, With L. Renee Whaley

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Worth Knowing/Millionaire Series/A Journey to Financial Fortitude, With L. Renee Whaley

A Journey to Financial Fortitude, With L. Renee Whaley


We are rolling along with our Millionaire Series this week with guest L. Renee Whaley here to share her money memoir with us. L. Renee hit millionaire status in 2021 after paying off $75k worth of debt, and two mortgages including an investment property. While continuing to work in corporate America, she is also a financial coach who helps individuals and families customize strategies to live debt-free along with assisting scholars with finding scholarships so they can attend college debt-free. She is also the author of A Journey to Financial Fortitude: How I Paid Off $75k, Went to College Debt-Free, and Paid Off My Mortgage!

In this episode, we discuss:

  • The strategy she used to find scholarships to pay for college
  • ​How she ended up in $75k worth of debt
  • How she used the debt snowball concept to become debt-free
  • ​Whey she decided to pay off two mortgages instead of putting her money to work in other areas
  • ​The importance of utilizing your 401k and meeting the employer match
  • ​Why she decided to hire her kids and how it’s helping everyone financially
  • ​Why she decided to write her book even though it wasn’t something she had ever planned on doing
  • ​Why she started working as a financial coach
  • ​The importance of helping people see that millionaire status and debt-free living is for anyone

You can learn more about L. Renee and her book at financialfortitudellc.com and follow her on social media;
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