The Podcast is Going to be Fun in 2021. With Lauryn Williams

Tuesday, January 05, 2021

Worth Knowing/The Podcast is Going to be Fun in 2021. With Lauryn Williams

The Podcast is Going to be Fun in 2021. With Lauryn Williams


Welcome to 2021! Worth Listening podcast host, Lauryn Williams, has been busy gearing up for the 4th year of the podcast. And she’s got some surprises in store for you. Here’s what you can expect in the upcoming year:.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Lauryn is bringing Certified Financial Planner, Chloe Moore, as a co-host for 13 episodes. They are going to dive into some of the trendy financial topics and do some financial myth-busting.
  • ​There will be several episodes where Lauryn will cover a case study along with sharing financial planning based on specific situations
  • ​The podcast guests are going to be from older generations. They’re going to share the things that they wished they would have known. There’s even a 100-year-old guest that will be joining us.
  • ​Several episodes will include a panel of guests discussing different financial topics

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Why she’s ready to move from surviving to thriving in 2021
  • ​Her plan and focus for the new year
  • ​The importance of having an accountability partner
  • ​Why we need to focus on connecting with community in a way you feel safe
  • ​Why it’s going to be fun in 2021

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