Wealth and Wellness With Money Mindset Coach Jacent Wamala

Saturday, December 04, 2021

Worth Knowing/Wealth and Wellness With Money Mindset Coach Jacent Wamala

Wealth and Wellness With Money Mindset Coach Jacent Wamala


Today’s guest is Jacent Wamala. Jacent is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist turned Money Mindset Coach and founder of Wealth & Wellness University. She also hosts the Jacent’s Gems podcast where she provides “been-there-done-that” guidance to help women of color write the best chapter of their lives. She helps women overcome debt, level up their income streams, and achieve impactful, life-changing financial freedom.

In three years, she paid off over $90,000 in credit card and student loan debt and saw the link between financial stress and mental health issues for her clients. Her goal is to help her community become aware of the limiting beliefs and fears getting in the way of their financial freedom and empower them to create a plan to reach their goals.

Today Jacent shares with us steps you can take to address the root cause of your money mindset challenges so you can make lasting financial changes in your life

In this episode, we discuss:

  • ​How calculating her net worth led to her “aha moment”
  • ​Why so many people revert back to poor financial habits over and over agai
  • ​The importance of getting to the root cause of your negative money mindset challenges
  • ​Actionable steps you can take if you’ve felt financially stuck
  • ​The importance of taking ownership for your current situation
  • ​How to build the right money team

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