Starting From Scratch in Your Finances, With Nancy Dome

Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Worth Knowing/Starting From Scratch in Your Finances, With Nancy Dome

Starting From Scratch in Your Finances, With Nancy Dome


Today’s guest on the Worth Listening podcast is Dr. Nancy Dome. Dr. Dome is a renowned speaker, author, and equity consultant. In 2014 she co-founded Epoch Education to provide leaders in education and business with accessible professional development in diversity, inclusion, and belonging, and equity.

As an educator for nearly three decades, Dr. Dome taught in the juvenile court and community schools and has served as a Distinguished Teacher in Residence and faculty member at California State University San Marcos. Her transformative approach helps school districts and educational agencies throughout the country navigate complex topics, build bridges, and work together for inclusive, impactful change.

With that long list of accomplishments it may surprise you to learn that Nancy came from very humble beginnings and her story is one that is an inspiration for all.

Today Nancy will share with us more about what a poor mentality is, how it’s not related to the amount of money in your pocket, and why it’s important to overcome it.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • The deeper narrative many have behind the idea to “go pro” in sport and how many view it as a ticket out of poverty
  • ​The importance of slowing down and making sure you have the information you need when making a decision
  • How trying to feed the desires caused by a lack of resources and opportunities growing up can lead you to make unwise financial decisions
  • ​Why you need to trust your instincts and not be afraid to change your mind
  • ​The reasons she moved from the public sector to private sector and how it impacted her finances
  • ​Why you need to start investing in your retirement now even if you can only do it a penny at a time
  • ​The importance of getting out of survival mode
  • ​Why you need people around you that will help you understand including building a team of professionals who can answer your questions and teach you what you don’t know

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