Using a Corporate Job to Build Wealth and Retire Early, With April Stewart

Wednesday, June 08, 2022

Worth Knowing/Using a Corporate Job to Build Wealth and Retire Early, With April Stewart

Using a Corporate Job to Build Wealth and Retire Early, With April Stewart


The FIRE movement may be trendy but that doesn’t mean you need to jump on trends to build wealth and retire early. Today financial coach April Stewart is joining the podcast to share her unsexy millionaire journey with us.

She grew up in a low-income household and spent the first part of her career living paycheck to paycheck with minimal savings. After experiencing a major financial setback, she persevered and started taking steps to build a strong financial foundation. Before she realized that it happened, she hit millionaire status.

April retired early and has shared her story in outlets such as Forbes, Business Insider, Black Enterprise, and AfroTech. She teaches women how to build wealth via her coaching program, speaking engagements, and workshops..

In this episode, we discuss:

  • The fear-based money mindset April grew up with
  • ​The impact that surrounding yourself with the right people can have on your future and your finances
  • The financial setback that ended up helping her get on the right track
  • ​How short term sacrifice lead to long term gain and what she gave up for a short time to pay off debt and build an emergency fund
  • ​The one thing she likes to spend money on
  • ​What investment strategy April used to build her wealth
  • ​The importance of the financial example we set without knowing it for those around us

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