Learnings over Earnings, With Kendrick Trotter

Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Worth Knowing/Money Memoir/Learnings over Earnings, With Kendrick Trotter

Learnings over Earnings, With Kendrick Trotter


We’re kicking off the Worth Listening Venture Capital Series! Worth Listening host and Certified Financial Planner Lauryn Wiliams will be interviewing professionals involved in the VC world on the podcast so we can hear their money memoirs.

The first guest on the series is Kendrick Trotter. Kendrick is a former Division I Football player, was captain of the University of Idaho 2016 Bowl Team, and a former major account rep of the public cyber security company Radware. But even with those accomplishments, that’s not why he’s on the podcast today.

Kendrick is joining us for the VC series because of his journey to his current position as the Founder and CEO of Us in Technology. His passion for helping underrepresented people connect with careers in the tech industry led him to enter the startup world.

If you are running a startup or have ever thought about trying to get started, this is for you! Kendrick doesn’t hold anything back and shares what he’s learned along the way including how he started building his network, why he had to take a step back to move forward, and what changes he had to make in life when giving up a multiple-six figure income to pursue building his own company..

In this episode, we discuss:

  • ​Why he has intentionally taken steps backward multiple times throughout life in order to move forward
  • ​How a simple conversation with an Uber rider changed the course of his life
  • ​The importance of growing your network and how to get started when you don’t have the right people in your network
  • ​Why you need to prioritize learning over earning
  • ​How an unexpected “conflict of interest” propelled his startup journey forward
  • ​Why you can’t compare your journey to the journey of others
  • ​What resources exist to help startups other than money
  • ​The importance of surrounding yourself with the right people
  • ​What role traction plays as an underrepresented founder
  • ​Why you need to dream without limits

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You can learn more about Kendrick and Us In Technology in the following places:
Website: usintechnology.com
Instagram: @usintech
Twitter: @usintechnology
LinkedIn: @us-in-technology

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