Generational Wealth, With Lauryn Williams and Chloé Moore

Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Worth Knowing/Know Better. Do Better./Generational Wealth, With Lauryn Williams and Chloé Moore

Generational Wealth, With Lauryn Williams and Chloé Moore


Welcome to Round 2 of the “Know Better, Do Better” series born from the countless conversations two CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals, Lauryn Williams and Chloé Moore, have about the trendy narratives and clickbaity articles that make it hard for them to help their clients. They will take you behind the numbers with real-life examples of financial situations to help you gain confidence and clarity to control your financial destiny.

Is generational wealth really as good as we think it is? 70% of wealthy families lose their wealth within one generation, while 80% of today’s millionaires made their money on their own. If you want to create generational wealth in your family, Lauryn and Chloe are sharing what you need to know about creating generational wealth and helping your future generations retain it.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • The definition of “generational wealth”
  • ​Major challenges to building generational wealth
  • Importance of gaining financial literacy
  • Simple financial skills you can teach your children
  • ​Why you shouldn’t be afraid to educate yourself & invest in financial literacy
  • Dealing with the obligation of giving money to family
  • Impact of the wage gap on generational wealth
  • How to make the most of income increases
  • Negotiating your income
  • Impact of the wage gap on generational wealth
  • Why estate plans are essential
  • What entrepreneurs need to know about building generational wealth

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