Blayne Bristol Uses Investment Principles for Debt Solutions

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Worth Knowing/Blayne Bristol Uses Investment Principles for Debt Solutions

Blayne Bristol Uses Investment Principles for Debt Solutions


Today’s guest is Blayne Bristol. She is a former opera singer-turned-entrepreneur. Blayne is the founder and CEO of Beyond Bridges Social. Her company is a one-stop shop for digital marketing with a focus geared towards Commercial Real Estate.

Blayne completely opens up with us as she shares both the highs and lows of her money memoirs. She shares with us how she used to have a selfish mindset without even realizing it, how pushing herself to the limit took a huge toll on her health and the collapse and rise of her financial story..

In this episode, we discuss:

  • That you can dig out of the hole and it doesn’t need to take as long as you think.
  • ​The danger of overextending yourself.
  • ​How it only took 90 days to make and break her financial story.
  • ​The lightbulb moment when Blayne decided to apply investment principles to her debt repayment plan.
  • ​How she’s paying off around $100k of debt in just 24 months.

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