Amara Leggett Reflects on Being a Business Owner and High School and College Graduate at 16

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Worth Knowing/Amara Leggett Reflects on Being a Business Owner and High School and College Graduate at 16

Amara Leggett Reflects on Being a Business Owner and High School and College Graduate at 16


Today’s guest is Amara Legget. Amara is a motivational speaker who travels the country to share her message on how to make the impossible possible in your life. She is running her business while working towards a bachelor’s degree. But, what really makes her stand out is that she is 17 years old. She earned her high school diploma and an associate's degree at the age of 16.

Today Amara will share with us more about the path that she used to accomplish this use feat and how she is growing her business as a motivational speaker..

In this episode, we discuss:

  • ​Ways to make money from a blog.
  • How the Dual Enrollment program works
  • ​How she is building her brand as a motivational speaker.
  • ​The hardest thing about being an entrepreneur.
  • ​The importance of looking professional.

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Word of the Day: Impossible.

Amara’s message is on making the impossible possible in your life and I’d like to talk about that word “impossible”. It means incapable of being or incurring. This is a word that holds us back from achieving greater things. It’s a word that limits our mindset. People believe things like “it’s impossible to save for retirement while paying on student loans” or “it’s impossible to go to college without taking student loans” or “it’s impossible to get out of the financial hole that I’m in”. Let me tell you, these things are not impossible. Sometimes, we just need to change up our vocabulary which affects our mindset.

If you feel like you are in an “impossible” place with getting to your financial goals start by talking to (friend, planner, therapist) to see what you can do to make the “impossible” possible.

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