Trade Your 9 to 5 with Tela Holcolm

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Worth Knowing/Trade Your 9 to 5 with Tela Holcolm

Trade Your 9 to 5 with Tela Holcolm


Today’s guest is Tela Holcomb. Let’s cut right to the chase, Tela retired at the age of 29! It didn’t happen because she was born into money, won the lotto, or took any other shortcut.

She reached that point through educating herself on the stock market and trading.

Tela is an Air Force Veteran that joined the military because she wanted to force herself to commit to something that she would not be able to quit. She grew up in a small town and she wanted to give herself a chance to be gone for long enough that she could guarantee herself a change.

Today she spends her time teaching others how they can use investments and trading as a source of income and change their financial futures. She gets to do this purely because she enjoys it, not because she needs the money from it.

Today Tela will share with us more about the basic financial lessons her mom taught her that helped set her on the right path for handling her finances in the future. She shares how she started learning about investments and why she struggled with the idea of “retiring” and focusing on her investments and trading.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How learning to balance a checkbook, budget, and pay the bills made such a difference in her life.
  • ​The importance of trademarking in your business.
  • ​The importance of not increasing your spending every time you get an increase in your pay.
  • ​Why she and her husband have been able to be successful in handling finances in marriage.
  • ​Why it’s important to teach your children more than you were taught in order to expand what they can achieve.

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