Overcoming Failure, With Matt LeBris

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Worth Knowing/Overcoming Failure, With Matt LeBris

Overcoming Failure, With Matt LeBris


Today’s guest is an entrepreneur, speaker, and branding expert, Matt LeBris. Matt started his journey as an entrepreneur at the ripe old age of 12 when he and a neighbor kid started selling their parents’ groceries off the front porch. While the business only lasted a week, Matt caught the entrepreneurial bug. When he was 17 and a freshman in college he started his first real business which he had major success with.

Over the years Matt has experienced plenty of ups and downs in his finances. While he’s modest about his the success that he has experienced he’s more than willing to share the mistakes and failures he’s made with others. And, this is exactly what we are looking for on the Worth Listening podcast!

In this episode, we discuss:

  • His experience failing out of college and looking back what the reasons are that led up to it.
  • ​The importance of owning up to your financial mistakes and forgiving yourself.
  • ​How important it is to have mentors and ask questions.
  • ​Why you need to be able to separate your needs from your wants.

Connect with Matt:
Twitter: @Matt_LeBris
Instagram: @Matt_LeBris
Facebook: Matt LeBris
LinkedIn: Matt LeBris
Website: MattLeBris.com

Word of the Day: Receive
When Matt was talking about being able to forgive ourselves for our financial mistakes he also shared the importance of being able to “receive” the lessons that we have coming our way. The key to being able to correct and move forward is being able to receive the lessons and take ownership of our actions.

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