Faith, Money, and Chivalry, with Che Scott

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Worth Knowing/Faith, Money, and Chivalry, with Che Scott

Faith, Money, and Chivalry, with Che Scott


Today’s guest is Che Scott. Che is a former UM football player that has dedicated his life and career to make an impact on the younger generations. He is the author of Honor: The New Guy Code. His goal is to teach boys how to respect girls and girls how to respect themselves.

Today Che will share with us more about his own financial story. He was born in Jamaica into a farming family. This background taught him the difference between needs and wants. His family always had what they needed to survive. As a young boy Che’s family moved to the United States. This opened new doors for him including the opportunity to meet high school friends that opened up his mind to attending college.

Che’s five-year goal is to relocate to South Africa where he can continue to spread the message of the Honor: New Guy Code and help impact cultures and teach boys and girls around the world the importance of respect and honor.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • The importance of a good work ethic.
  • ​What financial decisions Che is making to help him with his future plans of living abroad
  • ​The money hack Che used to save money on housing.
  • ​The lessons Che carries with him from his rural background.
  • ​Why we need to change our thinking about our spending habits.

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