That's an Excellent Question with Andrea McGrew

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Worth Knowing/That's an Excellent Question with Andrea McGrew

That's an Excellent Question with Andrea McGrew


Today’s guest is Andrea McGrew, Chief Compliance Officer and Chief Legal Officer at USA Financial. Andrea attended college on a full ride scholarship as a swimmer, where she worked towards an undergrad in broadcast journalism. While in school she worked at Fox Sports Detroit but turned down a local news position after graduation to head to law school where she focused on business and securities law.

Andrea focuses on creative effective compliance procedures that are relatable and prides herself on developing relationships with USA Financial advisers and clients and breaking down antiquated compliance stereotypes. She’s the host and creator of the podcast Be UnNiched where she’s working to help support and prove that women are not a niche financial services industry.

Andrea breaks it all down for us sharing everything from her experience with student loans to how she and her husband handle merging their finances along with why she thinks it’s so helpful to work with a financial advisor.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • What is was like weighing the decision to take out student loans and go to law school
  • ​The one real financial regret that she has about her student loans.
  • ​Why she and her husband chose to keep some accounts separate even though they handle their finances together.
  • ​The importance of working with a financial advisor, even if you have experience in the financial world on your own.
  • ​The battle that women are facing when working in the world of the financial services industry.

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