Frugal Living and the FIRE Movement, With Travis Hornsby

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Worth Knowing/Frugal Living and the FIRE Movement, With Travis Hornsby

Frugal Living and the FIRE Movement, With Travis Hornsby


Today’s guest is Travis Hornsby. He is a former bonds trader that transitioned to being an entrepreneur and founder of He works with professionals with student loan debt to help them take control of their financial situation and make the best decisions when it comes to their debt repayment.

Travis got an early start on being frugal, which he shares in the podcast. He became interested in the FIRE movement (Financial Independence. Retire Early.) after securing his dream job and discovering it still wasn’t what he really wanted. This led him down a path of cutting expenses and building his savings and investments allowing him to retire at the age of 25.

Now as a 30-year-old, Travis is married, running a successful business and leading a more balanced life when it comes to budgeting and finances.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • What the FIRE movement is all about
  • ​Tips to help reduce your expenses
  • ​Tricks to lower your out-of-pocket college expense and how Travis graduated with no debt and five-figure savings
  • ​Anxiety around spending money
  • ​The homeownership rules that Travis recommends and why he is a renter instead of a homeowner.

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