Your Money Vehicle , With Jedidiah Collins

Tuesday, June 09, 2020

Worth Knowing/Your Money Vehicle , With Jedidiah Collins

Your Money Vehicle , With Jedidiah Collins


As we continue to explore the topic of men and money during the month of June, today’s guest is Jedidiah Collins. He is an NFL veteran that played in the league for 7 years.

In between seasons, he earned his CFP to become an expert in the field of personal finance. He’s also the author of the book Your Money Vehicle and host to the Rookie to Veteran podcast. He’s also a married man and dad to two daughters. And, his mission is to empower people to own their future both professionally and financially.

Today Jedidiah will share with us more about why personal finance became a topic of interest to him as well as what financial and personal lessons he learned from his years in the NFL.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • That your networth is not your self-worth
  • ​What it means to control your APE
  • ​How one of his best investments was also one of his worst financial decisions
  • ​His personal view on lending money to family and friends
  • ​The impact that ego has on finances
  • ​The real problem that plagues NFL players and their finances
  • ​The important lesson he learned from teaching a class on personal finance

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