Diverse and Impactful, With Steven Benedict

Tuesday, August 04, 2020

Worth Knowing/Diverse and Impactful, With Steven Benedict

Diverse and Impactful, With Steven Benedict


During the month of August the Worth Listening theme is Giving. A lot of conversations in the financial world focus around how to make more, investment more, and save more. Giving is an often overlooked but important piece of the pie.

Today I’m excited to have professional track and field athlete, entrepreneur & philanthropist Steven Benedict here to share his Money Memoir with us.

As a professional track and field athlete and Olympic Trials Qualifier, Steven Benedict has run in some of the world's most prestigious events. In addition to the Adidas Classic Diamond League and US Nationals, he ran for Nike for 2 years and was A Penn Relays Champion. Featured in 50 national and international magazines such as Train, ESPN Magazine, Mens Fitness, Mens Health and Fitness RX, Steven offers advice and motivation to elite and up and coming athletes alike. Beyond the track, he is the founder of “Fostering Success” a non-profit organization that pairs Professional Athletes with Foster Kids and is a powerful motivational speaker and author.

These accomplishments were not what was expected based on his early years. From abandonment to abuse, family deceptions, untimely deaths, drugs, and alcohol, Steven was confronted with more obstacles before the age of 28 than the majority of people face in a lifetime. Despite the hardships, Steven applied what he learned on the track to remain focused on the finish line. His rules for running the race translate to almost every industry, person, and circumstance and his story is a reminder to all who hear it that so long as you still have breath in your lungs, your race can still be won.

Today Steven will share with us more about his personal experiences and how he focuses on giving back now.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • The second chance he was given by his adoptive parents
  • ​The impact that others made on his life as he was growing up
  • ​The difference between giving and investing
  • ​How he diversifies his income streams as a professional athlete
  • ​The importance of understanding that giving doesn’t have to be financial
  • ​How he’s running his nonprofit different than many others

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