Real Estate Investing is a Get Rich Slow Strategy, With Sunitha Rao

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Worth Knowing/Real Estate Investing is a Get Rich Slow Strategy, With Sunitha Rao

Real Estate Investing is a Get Rich Slow Strategy, With Sunitha Rao


Today’s guest is a former professional tennis player, Sunitha Rao. She spent ten years competing in all the majors and Olympics before retiring from the sport at the age of 23. That’s right, she went pro at the age of 14!

After returning from sport, she found herself flat broke with a 6th-grade education and GED. Fast forward 11 years and she is now thriving in corporate America as a financial analyst with an MBA from Villanova while also being a real estate investor with 9 rental units.

Her personal story is full of twists and turns from growing up with immigrant parents, experiencing life as a young professional athlete, and starting her real estate journey. Her path is a testament to the importance of creating a strong network, realizing there is more than one way to success and thinking about life choices holistically by incorporating past experiences with a long term view of the future.

Today Sunitha will share with us more about why and how she started investing in real estate even though she had never purchased a home before..

In this episode, we discuss:

  • ​How you can get started with real estate investments through house hacking your way into the market.
  • ​Why real estate investing is a “get rich slow” strategy
  • ​How her upbringing impacts the way she handles her finances today including her real estate investments.
  • ​The importance of doing your research and running the numbers.
  • ​Why you need to understand what your specific financial goals are when investing

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